How to allow group manager to view only his own group of devices?

This feature requires that you track all your devices in one account. We call this account "main account". You also need to group your devices. We then use delegate account to assign the group of devices to your manager. This user has view-only access to his devices, and has no other access to the main account.
  • Group your devices if you have not done so.
  • Register a new account. The manager will sign into this account to view the delegated group. We call this account "manager account".
  • Login to your main account page and select the link Delegate on the top.
  • Type in the user name of your newly registered manager account and click the "Add Delegating Account" button.

  • By default, this manager account can view all devices. To restrict it to one or more groups, click the "change" link. Deselect option "Delegate All Devices" and select your groups.

  • Press the save button.
To view his devices, the manager just needs to sign in to the manager account. On the map page, he can switch to the delegated account as shown below.

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