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Android Unused App Hibernation
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Posted: 2022-02-22 01:23:10 PM

For Android users, you might see this critical error "Unused App Hibernation not disabled" on the app or on the map page. Google has introduced a new setting Unused App Hibernation since Android 12. This setting instructs Android to put to hibernation any apps that the user has not opened for several months. When this happens to the FollowMee app, the app will no longer be running. Therefore it is important to disable this setting so that this app can continue to run in the background without user interaction. Please note that this app will continue to run for several months even if this setting is not disabled. If you cannot access the physical devices, you still have plenty of times to disable it.

This issue is complicated due to the following issues.

1. The name of this setting is not consistent. In developer guides, this setting is called "Auto-reset permissions from unused apps" for Android 11, and called "App hibernation" for Android 12. Inside the phone itself, this setting is called "Remove permissions if app isnt used" for Android 11, and called "Unused apps - Remove permissions and free up space" for Android 12. "Unused app hibernation" is not the Googles official name. This is our make-up name.

2. Setting locations are different among Android versions. In Android 12, you can locate this setting on FollowMee app info screen. In Android 11, it is on FollowMee app info -> Permissions. In Android 6 to 10, this setting is not yet available and it will be inside the Play store app when available.

If you are ready to fix this setting, see this page (https://www.followmee.com/FAQ.aspx?t=androidunusedapp) for details.