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Posted: 2020-12-29 03:56:57 AM

I have installed followmee on my Android and have Trial for Basic service, Remote control and RTC.

monitoring my own device and RTC works great.

on my daughters iPhone I have connected my account to track the phone by installing followmee there too.

maybe she has found the app and deleted it or maybe turned GPS off... because no tracking is presented anymore.
I can RTC my android and stop and start.
I can see my last position in grey if GPS is off or followmee is stopped.

on the iPhone the marker is red and when I try to restart the app via RTC is says
Sending on-demand update returns error, Unregistered"
what''s that? I mean I control followmee from my android account and RTC license....

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Posted: 2020-12-29 09:56:31 AM

If you receive the error "Unregistered", that means your daughter has removed the app. The app icon is on the phone screen. If your daughters don''t want to be tracked, it is difficult to track them.