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Add Numbers or the time (24hr clock) to the arrows on the map
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Posted: 2020-08-28 11:41:02 AM

I have the app to track the route I have taken in my working day. However if you go back and forth and around streets very close to each other and then try and trace the route you took just having a load of arrows pointing in all directions can make that extremely hard to do having them numbered or even better have the option to show the arrow if you want it, a chronological number of the places you visited in order or the option to show the time stamp instead of the either and have is in a 24 hour clock view. The 24hr clock stamp on each point would be optimal as it would be extremely easy to see the route I took in a 14hr shift. Each hour could be a labelled a different colour too so the route would also be colour coded ‘hourly’ too.

Looking at the list view on the desktop version doesn’t help either as when this app is used in a built up city is not accurate on exact streets/locations so zooming in on the map is better as if it’s not in the precise point I can deduce roughly where it was I attended.



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Posted: 2021-05-30 09:39:20 AM

Uncheck all entries in the list view. Then check one entry. Check 2nd entry and uncheck the first. Repeat.
Its not perfect but it helps.