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Red icons and app state?
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Posted: 2020-03-30 12:55:20 PM

I know red icons on the map represent updates older than 24 hours. However, when I open the app on one of the devices in question, the first message I often see is “ Service started”. Does that imply the service had stopped for some reason?

I recently updated my subscriptions, as a long time user that had the older pricing model that expired, which also permitted me the opportunity to update from the older app (blue icon, don’t recall exact version) to the new (orange icon, 7.6).

Now I’m trying to discern if the prevalence of red icons I’m seeing is a potential issue with the new version stopping (or perhaps not automatically starting?), a function of a newer sleep algorithm in the much newer app, or if our “social distancing” is just causing the devices to trigger updates far less often because they are not moving very far? (A little challenging to deduce from simple observation testing right now).

Both iPhones and iPads have the latest OSes. I’d appreciate any insight.

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Posted: 2020-03-30 04:14:53 PM

It is the social distancing that causes the problem. The app only updates the map when the tracked device moves to a different location. Since every one is staying at home, or not moving very far, the app is not waking up to update the map. That is why you can the red icons on the map. Having red icons is a good thing in this difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic, knowing that your family members are not going out to expose themselves to the virus.

But you can always force a on-demand location manually and this will bring the time stamp to the current time.



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Posted: 2020-03-31 02:07:06 PM

Thanks for the clarification. We’ll keep up the social distancing and look forward to the day when our icons can automatically turn green again. ;-)