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Customize the app''s icon and title
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Posted: 2019-07-31 12:44:01 PM

I''m using FollowMee for our business to track employee phones (these are all company-owned devices and the user is aware of tracking but not how the tracking is done).

Currently, we have the FollowMee app pushed out to the phones using MDM which is fine and the user is restricted from uninstalling it. We also have a pin code configured to prevent access to opening the app.

What I''d like to do is to take it a step further and rebrand the app by changing the icon to my company''s logo and the name of the app to something like "Corporate Admin" so that the user is dissuaded from opening the app, and if they do, they''ll just be presented with a prompt for the pin code.

We are totally willing to pay for this feature and if it requires the app to be side-loaded or anything like that, we are okay with that as well.

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Posted: 2019-07-31 09:51:55 PM

Please send us an email to discuss in private.