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Recent map changes
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Posted: 2018-10-31 10:21:33 AM

We have added the following changes to the map page.

1. Added a red colored pin to the current view of the map. This red color indicates the location was obtained over 24 hours ago. To find out the exact timestamp of this location, touch this pin to bring out the info box. This new color only applies to current view and not the history view (red means the oldest location on the history view). On current view, you might see three colors:

Green - Location is current.
Red - Location recorded over 24 hours ago.
Grey - The FollowMee mobile app has been stopped.

For the legend, see this page (http://www.followmee.com/legend.htm)

Since the app only updates when the tracked device changes location, the red color might not indicate problem. If you know that the device is moving but the map does not update, you need to troubleshoot the problem. Use this guide to help you.

2. To help you identify problem, we added more error message to the map page on the full web site. If the FollowMee mobile experiences critical errors, like disabled location, location permission not granted, or battery optimization not ignored (for Android), you will see the red label "error" next to the device name on the map. Clicking this link will show the solution for fixing the problem. You can also opt-in email notification on your account page should any of these critical error occurs in the mobile app.

3. Google changed the price structure of the Google Map api. Our cost has increased tremendously. As a result, we no longer offer Google Map to free service users. Open Street Map is used for the free service users. For details of this insane price change, see this post.