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Automatic update when surface 3 lte wakes up
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Posted: 2015-09-06 05:24:47 PM

I have a surface 3 with LTE that I am testing to see what the best tracking software would be. I have followmee installed as an admin user and it starts automatically. My user will have a different account to use. Is there a way to make followmee update even when the device is asleep like my ipdad does for find my iPhone?

If not how can I make it update as soon as the device comes out of sleep mode to be used.

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Posted: 2015-10-22 08:11:38 PM

If this is a RT device, the app does not track when the device sleeps. When the user wakes up the device and logs in, the app should wake up to record location.

If this is the Windows 8 pro device, you should install the desktop version.