Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track multiple devices with one account?

Yes. You can track multiple devices (even from different platforms) with your account. When you set up the FollowMee GPS tracker app in these devices, use your existing account user name and password. When you view the map page, you will see your all your devices on the same map. You can select one device and view its location history. If you want to change the device name, see the next FAQ How do I change the device name as appeared on the map page?.

Setting up all your devices with one account has more benefits than with multiple accounts. One account allows you to view all your devices on one map. You can pay for upgrade for all your devices in one payment, sign up for the premium services on account level with quantity discount. If you require API service, you can have the same API key for all your devices.

If you don't want to disclose your account credential to your users who will install the FollowMee app, you can send them the login token to set up the app.

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How to group my devices in my account?
What is login token? Can I have my users to install and set up this GPS tracker app with my FollowMee account, without knowing my account password?

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