Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view location?

Device location can be viewed in a web browser of your computer or mobile device. Login to your map page of this web site. The map presents the current location of all device view. For device details, select a device to switch to the one device view. To view location history, select the Location History control under the map and select one of the history type. In mobile site, touch the Option button on the top of the page to access the Location History control.

If your device (Android or iOS) is running the paid version of the GPS tracking app, you can request a on-demand location update from this map page. On the full web site, you can perform additional functions that are not available in the mobile site. These functions include location sharing, downloading location data, and setting up your geo-fence. Tracker status is also available in the full web site. In the one device view, you can view tracker state (tracking or stopped), battery level, and its track interval. If there is any recent tracker errors, you will see a link to access to the errors.

You can use your mouse to mark your location on the map. Right click a location of the map and select "Add marker". Once the marker is created, you can move it anywhere on the map by dragging it. You can add a label by right clicking the marker and selecting "Add text". You can create multiple markers by repeating this process. Your markers will be removed when you reload or close the map page. To clear a marker manually, right click the marker and select "Remove marker".

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