How to use this FollowMee app as a Santa tracker?

If you have a Santa operation to pass out candy and gift during Christmas season, you can use our service to enable residents to track the Santa. You install the FollowMee app to the phone that the driver carries. Then embed the map on your web site. Use the following steps to set up the service.
  • If you don't have a FollowMee account, register your account on the login page.
  • Install the free FollowMee app to the driver's phone. Download the app on the app page.
  • Set up the app with your FollowMee account. Use the same account if you have multiple Santa. In this way, you can view all of them on the same map.

  • Adjust additional app settings.
    • Tracking Power (iPhone) - Make sure to set it to high. Default setting is high.
    • Track Interval (Android) - Make sure to set it to 1 minute. Default setting is set to 5 minutes.
    • Device Name - Customize device name. This will help to identify each Santa on the map.
    • Tracking Schedule - Use this setting for tracking only during certain hours.
  • Once the app is running, you can open your web browser and monitor your Santa on the map page.

  • Embed the map on your web site for residents to view.
  • You can customize the location icon on the map.

Contact us if you have any questions.
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