How to view real time map?

Real Time Map subscribers can view their device's real time movement. Open the map page and select your device. Then press the button "Start Real Time Map".

The server tries to connect to the remote device. The pin label shows the status. If the label is stuck with "Connecting..", you can click on the pin and request to connect again.

If there is an error, like location service is turned off in the target device, it will show up on the pin label. Click on the pin to show the detailed message and how to fix it.

If connection is successful with no error, the map shows the device's real time movement. Real time map increases battery usage. To preserve battery, you should press the button "Stop Real Time Map" or close the browser window when you no longer view the real time map.

Real time map is only available for iOS and Android. For Android device, a small FollowMee icon will show up on the top status bar of the target phone as shown below.

Or this silent notification will show up on the lock screen.

You can hide both the icon and notification on the phone settings screen. Go to Settings -> Apps -> FollowMee -> Notification. Disable "Show Status".

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