How to monitor location?

When the FollowMee app is tracking in your device, location can be viewed in a web browser of your computer or mobile device. Login to your map page of this web site. The map presents an all-device view. Follow the steps to view location history.
  • Desktop browser: Select a device to switch to the one-device view. Then select a history type from the "Location History" control under the map.

  • Mobile browser: Touch the Device button on the top of the map to select a device. Then touch the Option button to access the Location History control.
If you have Basic Service on your device (Android or iOS), you can request a on-demand location update from this map page. On the full web site, you can perform additional functions that are not available in the mobile site. These functions include location sharing, downloading location report, setting up geo-fence, and viewing app status including tracker state (tracking or stopped), battery level, or tracking schedule.

The pin colors have different meaning. On the current view (including multiple-device view), green pin means that location is current while red pin means that last known location is over 24 hours old. On the history view, green pin means latest location while red pin means oldest location. For details, see legend page.

When the map does not update with latest location, the FollowMee mobile app might not be running properly. You should troubleshoot here.

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