How to group my devices in my account?

You can group your devices in your account. This allows you to view your devices by group on the map. It also allows you to delegate groups of devices to another user (or group manager), who can monitor location of the delegated group for you.

  • To group your devices, login to your account page and select the link Group on the top.
  • Type in the name of the group and click the "Add A New Group" button.

  • In the next screen, select your devices for this group. One device can only be in one group.

  • Press the save button.
To edit your devices in a group, click the "change" link corresponding to your group and select / deselect your devices. You can remove a group on the same page. Please note that any newly added devices will not belong to any group. You need to add them to a group manually.

Once groups have been set up, you can switch to your group on the map page. The group dropdown includes additional two choices:
  • All - All devices in your account.
  • None - Devices not belonging to any group.

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