How to embed my map on my web site?

You are required to subscribe to Web Service API in order to embed your live map on your web site. Embedded map is done by inserting an iframe string to your web page. If you need to customize your icon on the map, see this FAQ.
  • Login to your map page and select a device. Click button "Share Location".
  • Set up the parameters
    • Select Devices: You can select one or more eligible devices. Eligible devices are those having subscribed the Web Service API premium service.
    • Dynamic or Static: Select "dynamic" to embed your live map.
    • Select Track: You can select a history type if you have selected one device in the previous step. History is not available for multiple device view.
  • Press the "Share Location" button. The next page shows the two methods to share your location. Use the section "Embed Map on Your Web Page with Iframe". Copy the iframe code to your web page.
  • You can customize the following properties of the map.
This demo page shows an embedded map. Viewing source of this page shows the iframe code. For other method of sharing your location, see this FAQ.

Note: * There is a limit of how many embedded maps can be opened at the same time when you have the real time map option enabled. This limit is set to 15 maps right now.

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