How to run the FollowMee app in an iOS device?

If you don't have a FollowMee account, you are required to register for one. Open the app and press the Start button. Select the registration option. If you already have an account, you can fill in your user name and password. If you have multiple devices to track, you can use the same account for each device. In this way, all your devices will appear on the same map.

Press the Continue button and the app begins to track. The device will request two permissions, one for location service, and the other for motion and fitness. For the location service, you need to grant "Always" permission. From iOS 13, the location permission might prompt up periodically. Make sure that you choose "Always" permission. Permission for motion and fitness is required because the app uses it to detect if it is moving or stationary. If you miss these permissions, you can fix them manually. Open the app and press the Menu button. It will show you the permissions that you have denied. Or you can open the Settings app by going to Home screen -> Settings -> FollowMee. Make sure location service, motion & fitness, background app refresh, and cellular data are all enabled.

The most frequent errors you might encounter include:

- This User Name does not exists. You have used an User Name that you have not registered. To solve this problem, simply go to the Settings screen and following the registration link to register your account.
- Either User Name or Password is not correct. To solve this problem, simply go to the Settings screen to re-type the correct credential.
- Location service is disabled. Following this location FAQ for a resolution.
- Motion and fitness is disabled. For how to enable other required setting for the app, see this iOS setting FAQ.

To customize settings, press the Menu button on the app screen and select Settings. Explanation for each setting as follows:

User Name
User Name that is registered with If you want to track multiple devices under the same account, use the user name and password for this account

Password that is registered with

Login Token
Login token is a 12-character string that you can generate on your account page. You can set up the app with this login token instead of the account user name / password. In this way, your users can install the app without knowing your account credential.

Device Name
This is the default name for your device and you can change it. You can also rename your device on your account page of the full web site. If you have renamed your device on the web site, changing this field will not change the device name. See details here.

Lock Screen
Enabling this setting locks the app screen with your FollowMee account password or your 5-digit passcode. The app cannot be opened without the correct passcode.

Tracking Power
It specifies how aggressively the app will track. The default setting is medium, which gives you a new location update every 5 to 10 minutes. If you want more frequent update, choose the high setting, which updates every 1 to 2 minutes.

Track Schedule
Enable schedule to control when to start and stop tracking. Weekday and weekend schedules are provided. When enabled, the default start time is 8:00 AM and stop time is 5:00 PM. To set all day tracking, use 12:00 AM for start time and 11:59 PM for end time. To disable tracking, use the same time for both start time and stop time, for example, 12:00 AM for start time and 12:00 AM for end time.

You can set the start time to evening time and stop time to morning time, like 10:00 PM for start time and 7:00 AM for stop time. The GPS tracking app will start to track in the evening and continue till the morning time of the next day.

Force Location When Press Stop Button
When the stop button is pressed, the app will force a location update before it stops tracking.

SOS Panic Button
The SOS Panic Button allows you to quickly call your specified telephone number, and to send out your current location by email during emergency. When enabled, this button will appear on the app screen, or the unlock screen if Lock Screen is enabled. When this button is touched, the following actions are taken place:

- Email is sent if Email Address field is not blank
- Phone number is called if Emergency Telephone is not blank. The call is made through the built-in dialer or VOIP if cellular service is not available
- If tracking is in stopped state, tracking will be started
- The app is put in SOS mode.

In the SOS mode, the app is optimized for more location update. For example, Track Schedule will be disabled and Track Interval will be set to 10 minutes if it was set to more than 10 minutes (for paid app users).

To reset SOS mode, you need to hold down the SOS button for 2 seconds. In additions, the SOS mode can be reset when you touch the Stop button to stop tracking. After the SOS mode is reset, the tracking is restored to its original state. If tracking is stopped before the SOS mode, tracking will be stopped after the reset.

Emergency Telephone
The telephone number to call when the SOS Panic Button is touched. If this field is blank, the app will not make any telephone call.

Email Address
The email address to send out the current location when the SOS Panic Button is touched. If this field is blank, the app will not send out any email.

Email Includes
The type of location that the email sends out. The default is current location. The email body includes an URL that reflects the real-time dynamic location. That means when the device location changes, the map that the URL points will reflect the change. Therefore, there is no need to send a second email.

This URL is in fact the shared current location URL. It shows the GPS location as well as the network location. It remains active until you remove it. To protect your privacy, it is recommended that you remove it when the emergency situation is over. You can remove it in the Account page.

Your Name / ID
This value will be sent out in the email body so that the recipient can identify you.

Enable VOIP
For iPad or iPod Touch, you can enable VOIP (Voice Over IP) so that the emergency call can be made through VOIP. A SIP account is required for this function. Not all sip providers work. Please try it before pay for an account.

SIP Domain
Registrar of your SIP provider. Example:

SIP User Name
User name of your SIP account with your provider

SIP Password
Password of your SIP account with your provider

Country Code
Country code of your emergency telephone number

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