How to track event participants for a sport event organizer?

For a sport event organizer (cycling, hiking, marathon, open water swimming, sailing etc.), you can use our service to track your event participants. Install the FollowMee GPS Tracker mobile app to the phones that team members carry. You can view their locations on the map page of this web site. Use the following steps to set up the service.
  • If you don't have a FollowMee account, register your account on the login page. You just need one account for all participants.
  • Generate your login token on your account page. Send the login token to your participants.

  • Instruct your participants to install the free FollowMee app in their phones. You can find the url to the app on the app page.
  • After installed, open the app and press the start button. First to customize the device name. Second to touch the link "use login token" to enter the login token.

  • Adjust additional app settings.
    • Tracking Power (iPhone) - Make sure to set it to high. Default setting is high.
    • Track Interval (Android) - Make sure to set it to 1 minute. Default setting is set to 5 minutes.
    • Device Name - Customize your device name if you have not done so. This will help to identify your participants on the map.
  • Once the app is running, you can open your web browser and monitor participants on your map page.

  • By default, your participants can access the map from the FollowMee mobile app. You can disable this option on your account page.

  • You can embed the map on your web site so that event spectators can view the map.
  • After your event completes, remind your participants to remove the FollowMee app from their phones.

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