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How can the app track when my Windows 10 device is in sleep mode?

The FollowMee app uses timers to record location based on your configured tracking interval. Most Windows 10 devices are running the Intel base processors and are not capable to execute codes when in standby mode (sleep). The UWP app runs in the sandbox of Universal Windows Platform and its timer is not capable to wake up in standby mode. The desktop app uses a legacy timer which can wake up in standby mode if the "Wake Up Sleep" app setting is enabled. We will discuss the options for the desktop app.

Modern Standby

Modern standby was referred to "connected standby" in Windows 8. To check if your system uses this standby mode, see this link. The desktop app will wake up every 20-30 minute under this mode. If you set the track interval to a smaller value, the system will not obey it. The only solution is to disable modern standby by changing a registry entry. set CsEnabled to 0 in the following registry and then reboot the device.


If the app does not wake up at all in modern standby, check the following settings.

  • Disable hibernation. See this link.
  • Network connection is not set to disconnect when standby. Go to Windows Settings -> System -> Power & Sleep, and make sure "Never" is selected for "Network Connection". Note this setting is only available for modern standby.

Legacy Standby

In this standby, the desktop app can wake up according to your configured interval. If it is not working, check the following settings.
  • Disable hibernation. See this link.
  • Enable "Allow Wake Timers" in Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options -> Edit Plan Settings -> Change Advanced Power Settings -> Sleep -> Allow Wake Timers. If this setting is not available, make sure that your system is not in modern standby. Then see link for how to add it.

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