Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the desktop app with command prompt?

The Windows desktop app supports command line installation and it does not prompt any permission requests. It makes unattended installation possible.

  1. Download the setup file and run it on your test computer. This exacts the following files in the "c:/program files (x86)/followmee" folder.
    • FMEEServ.exe
    • FMEELib.dll
    • FMEEGui.exe
    • Windows7.SensorAndLocation.dll
    • Settings.xml

  2. Fill in the following for the settings.xml file. Note that the password is in clear text. Once the app runs, it will encrypt the password.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <UserName>your username</UserName>
    <Password>your password</Password>

  3. In your target computer, create folder "followmee" under "c:/program files (x86)". Copy the above files to this folder.

  4. Open the command prompt as administrator. Change directory to the above folder.

  5. Run the following to install the Windows service. After installed, the service will run with the local system account and the startup type is set to automatic. The service will start automatically after the target computer reboots.

    fmeeserv -install

  6. At this moment, the service is in stopped state. Run the following to start the service.

    net start fmeeservice

  7. Review the map page of this website to ensure that you can view this device's location. If not, open FMEEGui.exe in the target computer to review any error message.
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