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I replace my device. How can I transfer the paid service to my new device?

If you replace your device, you can transfer the paid service to your new device.

1. Install the FollowMee mobile app in your new device. Make sure to configure the app with your account information.
2. Uninstall the FollowMee mobile app in your old device if you still have access to it.
3. Remove your old device on your account page. It offers to transfer the service to your device.
4. Confirm to remove your old device and the service will be transferred to your new device.

If you reinstall the FollowMee app in your device, this might create a new device instance in your account. You might see two instances for your device and the paid service is only with the old instance. In this case, you can transfer the service to the new instance by removing the old instance (step 3 and 4).

Please note that you can transfer service up to two times a month. The transfer counter is reset on the first day of each month. For service on account level subscription, there is no need for transfer, your new device is automatically covered by the paid service.

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