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Frequently Asked Questions

What iOS settings do I set to allow the app to track in the background?

You must enable these iOS settings. Open the tracked iOS device. Go to Settings -> FollowMee and make sure the following settings.
  • Location: always
  • Motion & Fitness: enable
  • Background App Refresh: enable
  • Use Cellular Data: enable

Location service must be set to "always". Otherwise the app will fail. To alert you when this setting is disabled, enable option "Email me when location service or other critical setting is disabled in tracked device" on your account page.

If any of the above settings is grayed out and you cannot make a change, you need to check out the following.
  • Location: Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services
  • Motion & Fitness: Settings -> Privacy -> Motion & Fitness
  • Background App Refresh: Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh
  • Use Cellular Data: Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Data

Why I have this error message: Location service is denied for this application?
Does this GPS tracker app continue to run if Background App Refresh is disabled in my iOS device?

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