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My location data is protected by my credential. How can I share my location?

Your uploaded location data is protected by your account credential. Only you can access to your own location data. However, you can allow another FollowMee user to access to your location by using a delegate account. Or you can publish your location by generating a public URL. Other internet users can navigate to this URL to access your location without signing in to your account. You can publish the following locations:
  • Dynamic location (live) - The location referenced by this URL is a live location. Be aware that your privacy might be at risk for this type of sharing.
  • Static location - Your past location is saved to a file on our server. This URL references to this file and it does not refresh with your live location.
To publish your location, go to your map page (not available on mobile site) and select your device. Click on the "Share My Location" button. Follow the steps on the page to generate the public URL. Later, you can view or remove your shared location in your account page. While regular user can only share location of one device, Web Service API subscriber can share location of one or multiple covered devices. Account level subscriber can share location of all your devices.

Web Service API subscriber has one more benefit - embedding map of dynamic (live) location. See "How to embed my map on my web site?" for details.

If you want to temporarily stop sharing, you can hide your device on your account page. When you are ready to share it again, just unhide it. Please note that the location sharing function is only available in the full web site, and not available in the mobile site.

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