Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the FollowMee service cost?

The FollowMee service consists of two components: FollowMee mobile app and the monitor service on this web site. The app download is free, from the app store, or from this web site. For the monitor service, Basic Service costs $9.99 per year. This service allows viewing location history of past 3 day, on-demand location update, and more. You only pay for the tracked devices, and not the devices that you use to view location. If you have a lot of devices in your account, we recommend account level subscription.

If you subscribe our premium services, you will get Basic Service for free. Account level subscription is available for all premium services. For the complete price information, visit the service page.

What is account level subscription?
Can I track multiple devices with one account?
I replace my device. How can I transfer the paid service to my new device?

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