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How do I set up a geofence?

Geofence monitors your defined boundary and notifies you when your tracked device enters or exits this boundary. You can set up your geofence on the map page of the full web site (not available on mobile site). You need to define following elements.
  • Center point. You can drag and drop the pin to your required location. Or you can just click anywhere on the map and the pin will be moved to the location. You can use the search box to move the map to your desired region.
  • Length. The length defines how big your geofence. Because in-door GPS is not very accurate, You should not use a small length. A small length might generate false notifications. If this happens, you should increase the length value.
  • Notification. You can use exit or entry, or both.
  • Email address. This is your notification email address. You can use multiple addresses with using semi-colon (;) as separator.
Our web site offers 2 geofence for each device for free. If you need more geofences, you can sign up the Additional Geofences service.

This default geofence is on device level, meaning each geofence setup is for one device. If you need the same geofence for a 2nd device, you need to set it up again for this device. If you require the same geofences for all your devices, the setup process will be very repetitive. To simplify the setup process, we offer the Account Level Geofence service.

How do I view location?
How do I use this GPS tracking app for time tracking purpose?

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