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How can I temporarily hide a device on the embedded map?

Your embedded map shares location of your devices. To permanently add or remove devices, you should go to your map page to reconstruct your iframe string with your new list of devices. To temporarily hide one or more devices on your embedded map, you can use one of the following three methods. Please note that your map page will take up to one minute to refresh your change.

  • In your account page, press the hide link next to the device that you want to hide. When you are ready to show it, click the unhide link. Please note that this method also hides the device on your map page portal. If you want to continue to track this device on the map portal, you should use the second method.

  • You create a group for the embedded map and add the required devices to this group. Copy the group ID from your account page. Append "&groupid=YOUR_GROUP_ID" (without quote) to the iframe src string. See example below. This string sets up a filter that lists devices belonging to this group. Devices not in this group are excluded from your embedded map. Therefore you add a device to this group and it will show on the embedded map. You remove a device from this group and this device will be hidden on the embedded map.


  • The above two methods require you to login to your account page. This third method can be accomplished on the FollowMee app by using the stop/start button. That means that your driver or the device user can control it without accessing the FollowMee web site. To set this up, append "&trackerstate=1" (without quote) to the iframe src string. See example below. This string sets up a filter that lists devices in the tracking state. When the stop button is pressed and the app is stopped, the filter excludes this stopped device. When this user is ready to show it again, he presses the start button. The filter will add this device back to the embedded map.


When there is no device meeting your filter, the map shows message "No data returned for your query". This is a generic message and it might confuse your users. To customize this message, add parameter &nde=YOUR_MESSAGE as follows.


Your message can only contain letters and numbers. You cannot use space and special characters. Use "+" for space. For example, to show "We are closed now.", use "We+are+closed+now."

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