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Can I customize the icon on the embedded map?

If you are Web Service API subscriber, you can embed the map on your web site. The map shows the standard pin icon and the infobox contains standard geographic information. If you use the embedded map to show location of your food trucks, delivery drivers, handymen, or even Santa Claus, you might want to use your own icon. You might want the infobox to show specific information, like phone number, url to a web page, or driving location to the location. We offer a service Customized Icon Add-on, which costs extra in additions to Web Service API. You can use icons from our library or your own icon. You icon should be 34 pixels in height and be hosted on the internet. You can also customize the infobox. You can add your phone number, email address, url, and driving direction. For a sample, see this html page.

Once you have subscribed to this service, you can access to the customize page on Premium Services section of your account page. Or you use this link for direct access.

See this link for a demo to shows a customized icon on an embedded map.

Please note that customized icon only shows on current location. For location history, the embedded map still shows the standard icon and standard infobox.

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