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When I install the Android GPS tracker app, why it asks numerous permission requests?

The main function of this GPS tracker app is to record device location and upload to this web site. This app does request numerous permissions and the following lists the details.
Description Purpose
Read your contacts This is to get the device owner's name in order to populate the device name in your account page. The device name is a user friendly way to identify each of your devices in your account. No other contact data is read by this app. (READ_CONTACTS)
Read your own contact card Same as above. Required to bundle with "Read your contacts" permission. (READ_PROFILE)
View Wi-Fi connection This is to get the Wifi MAC address for device identification purpose for devices that do not have cellular capability. (ACCESS_WIFI_STATE)
Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage, read the contents of your USB storage This is to attach log file to the support email. This process requires copying the log file to the external storage before it can be attached to the email message. This app does not access to other data in your USB storage. (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)
View network connection This is to check if device is connected to internet when the tracker app starts. Internet connection is required for this app. (ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE)
Precise location This is to get GPS location of the device. (ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION)
Approximate location This is to get WiFi or cellular location of the device. (ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION)
Full network access This is for uploading location to the server. (INTERNET)
Prevent device from sleeping This is to prevent the device from sleeping when the app is obtaining location. The app sleeps most of the time and only obtain location per your configured track interval. (WAKE_LOCK)
Receive data from internet This is for on-demand location update function. (

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