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One question, two feature requests
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Posted: 2018-10-14 06:46:25 PM

First, app is great and simple to use, thank you!
I use FollowMe to track my car and as such it is powered on most of the time.

On iOS 12.0.1
FollowMee v5.6

General question:
- App version and color change from Green to Orange, there seem to be two apps with the older Green version (v5.3 I think???) no longer in the store. Is there any difference between the two?

Feature request:
1. When the phone is plugged into the cars 12v system. Can a power on detect (when the car is started) be made?

2. Can car movement be detected say after 5 mins of not moving

3. Can you return the hDOP and vDOP (dilution of prevision). Why? When the car is parked say in a garage where the DOP is highly inaccurate I can allow for this when looking at a FALSE positive. For example a car exiting the GEO fence when in actual fact it is the hDOP that has caused this to occur.


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Posted: 2018-10-15 08:31:21 PM

Hi, Jon:

The green app and the orange app are the same in term of functions. We no longer offer the green app and you should use the orange app instead. If you already has the green app and you install the orange app, this adds a new device to your account. You can transfer the paid service to this new device. See this faq for details.

1. No. The power is always on on your 12v system and therefore the app cannot use the power state to detect if the app is driven or parked. In this case, you should disable the full-time vehicle tracking device setting.

2. If you disable the full-time vehicle tracking device setting, the app uses motion to detect if the car is moving or not. When the car is stopped, the app can detect it and app will go to sleep.

3. See item 2. When the car is stopped and the app goes to sleep, this stops the app from tracking and therefore reduces any chance for false positive.



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Posted: 2018-10-24 12:10:28 AM

Thanks! DMG Forums 3.2