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Battery Life
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Posted: 2016-01-12 08:13:02 AM

I am sure this is a common topic - and I understand that using the app in the background uses battery power.

I have 5 iphone 4s that all run the program.
1 of the phones will not stay charged the same as the others.

I have tried resetting the phone from some topics online.
I have tried lowering the settings on followmee.

I thought it was likley just a "bad" phone/battery.
I used an online program to test it, and it didn''t seem abnormal.

I took a couple screen shots of the battery usage but I cant post them here.
I am wondering if anyone has any other ideas of things to check or try.
I am also thinking about battery replacement as an option.


Best of the Best

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Posted: 2016-01-12 09:15:20 PM

Hi, Chad:

The app will not create problem for the battery if you set the track interval to 10 minutes or above. It will drain battery if you if you set it lower. How bad is the drain is really depending on the device. The newer devices have bigger and newer battery and the drain is not too bad.

If your track interval is 10 minutes in your 4s and I would think it is a battery problem. You can stop the app to confirm this battery issue. DMG Forums 3.2