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Troubleshooting No Location Update Problem

The GPS tracker app works autonomously in your device. It scans your device location, and then uploads to the FollowMee web site. If the FollowMee map page shows no location or out-of-date location for your device, you need to open the GPS tracker app in your device to trouble shoot.

First, is the GPS tracker app running?

Look at the app screen to see if it is in the tracking or running state. If the app is in the stopped state, it does not track. You need to press the start button to bring the app to the tracking state.

When you install the GPS tracker app, it is in the stopped state. You need to set up the app first. You need to provide the FollowMee user name and password when you press the start button. If you are a new user, you need to register for a free FollowMee account.

Second, is the GPS tracker app able to scan location?

Look into the app screen to see any error message. If you see message like "Location service is denied for the application", "Location service is disabled", or "GPS service is disabled", that means that the app is not able to scan location. In this case, you need to enable location service in your device setting.

For some devices like Blackberry, the GPS tracker app still cannot scan location even though location service is enabled. In this case, you see error message related to GPS operation, like "Start GPS returns error", "GetCurrentLocation returns error", etc. This indicates that the GPS stack might be corrupted. Rebooting the device might solve the problem.

When the device is in-door, the GPS tracker app might not get GPS fixes. In this case, only less accurate network location can be obtained. To view this network location, uncheck "Only GPS Location" check box on the map page.

Third, is the GPS tracker app able to upload location?

If you see message like "Socket send returns error", "Socket receive timed out", "Upload returns error", and so on, this indicates that the app cannot upload. You need to check if the device has internet connection.

Sometimes, if you turn on Wifi and the device is connected to a Wifi hotspot that does not have internet connection, the GPS tracker app will not be able to upload. Other times, when the Wifi is turned on, the device will disable its cellular data connection. The device might lose internet connection in this case. Therefore, turn off Wifi might solve your problem.

Fourth, other issues that need your attention.

  • The device is powered off completely and therefore the app cannot run.
  • Verify track schedule is disabled in the app setting screen. If it is enabled, make sure start/stop time is reasonable.
  • The device has not moved and therefore there is no update on the web site.
  • The default setting of the app is best for tracking driving. If you use this default setting for tracking walking, or short distance driving, you might not see the location update. For details, see this app setting power saving mode.
  • Make sure the date/time is correct in the device setting. The server ignores any location upload stamped with an invalid date.
  • For Android devices, you need to exclude this GPS tracking app from battery optimization. See this FAQ.
  • The GPS tracker for Windows Phone might stop working after two weeks if the app is not pinned to the start screen. For details, see this FAQ.
  • The GPS tracker for Windows Phone might not wake up per your configured interval if Restrict Background Data is enabled in phone settings -> data sense. If this setting is enabled for roaming, you will have this problem when you are in roaming.
  • If problem still exists, reboot the device, or even uninstall/install the tracker app.
If you still need help, you can send the log file to us and we can investigate for you. To send the log file, open the app and click the About button and select "Email to Supports". Very important that you describe your problem and include a return email address when sending the log. For Windows Phone user, click the About button and select "Send Log File to Supports". Then send a separate email to Supports to describe your problem.
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