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Recent FollowMee Changes
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Best of the Best

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Posted: 2017-12-31 09:41:44 PM

Hope everyone just had a wonderful Christmas and will have a prosperous 2018.

In the past few months, we had some changes on the web site.

- If you use our api service to embed your map on your web site, we have added the option for overlaying a kml file on the map. This option allows your map to show your current location together with your predefined route. You will see this option when you use the wizard to set up your shared map.

- An option is also added for enable auto refresh interval on your embedded map.

- In an effort to simplify our pricing model, we have removed the standard edition from the upgrade option. Right now only deluxe edition is available.

- In early 2018, we will convert the perpetual app license model into a subscription based model. We will release more information later on. DMG Forums 3.2